• Canva can be used to create collages in the exact dimensions required for your photo gallery. After creating a free account (or logging in via Google or Facebook), select Use Custom Dimensions in the top right corner.

    Canva landing page showing Create a Design > Custom Size

    Enter your desired image width and height and click Create New Design!

    • Search: Find free or inexpensive photos and illustrations to add to your design
    • Layouts: Select from many different options
    • Elements: Allows you to add free stock photos, shapes, illustrations, and icons
    • Text: A few words added to your image may better convey your message; limit text for ADA compliance reasons though.
    • Background: Opt to use a solid color as a background for your graphic
    • Uploads: Allows you to upload your own images to use on your canvas

  • Free Online Photo Collage Maker

    1. Click Collage drop-down and select "Custom canvas size." Enter the dimensions of your template's photo gallery.
      custom canvas size
    2. Click the "Add images" button to upload the photos you wish to add to your collage. You will be able to resize each image once it is added to the canvas.
    3. Try the "Auto collage" option to see how the program would arrange your photos.  You can click this multiple times and it will try different combinations.
    4. If you prefer to manually resize and arrange your photos, you can do so by clicking and dragging them.
    5. When you are ready to export your image, click the "File" button, and choose "Save as PNG." Your browser will prompt you to download your collage.
      save as png